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by mauricio in Electronics

Barcelona, Spain

Drones are basically aerial robots that can also be used for social good, for anything like environmental surveillance, to wildlife monitoring and even emergency relief. As any technology there can be many good and noble uses for drones. Drones don't have to be only used for military purposes.

Let´s build our own open source drones!  

Using 3d printers and assembling kits made out of carbon fiber, plastic or aluminum we will assemble the frames and install motors, controllers and radio transmiitters. Learn how to make your own and use it for video, imagery or any other maker projects.

I am more interested in using drones with environmental sensors to measure for instance the water quality of different places like rivers, lakes and beaches and pre program a drone to fly over and take water samples and use different sensors. Another good use could be for conservation, surveying places in the Amazon where there are illegal loggers and miners.



We will collaboratively raise the funds to buy the parts for one drone that will be used for instructiional purposes and then you can also contribute to any of the other support levels if you like to assemble a drone of your own. They come in different sizes and configurations although for beginners we recommend the basic carbon fiber kit.  




  • DIY Power Distribution board
    Because the frame we are using doesn't come with a power distribution board to solder the power cables from the Li-Po battery, controller, ESCs, Camera, etc. we watched a tutorial to make your own b...

  • DIY drone
    We started assembling the 250 carbon fiber frame where all the components are mounted on, including motors, ESC, power distribution board, flight controller, cameras, etc.

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