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Barcelona, Spain

Waterzilla 1.0 is a portable water purification device that fits in a backpack and can be carried around anywhere in the world to purify water using solar panels and UV sterilization. Developed by Jason from Showerloop, Vivian and Josha from Sunzilla and Mauricio from the FairCap project. The system will also be able to scale from a backpack sized water station to clean drinking water for 100 people per day to a larger system that can be transported in a rolling suitcase or a shipping container to clean water for a whole village.
PHASE 1 The initial calculations were made at Le104 during the exhibition in Paris and we ran this water pump with a portable filter using the Mini Sunzilla. Using this system we can filter about 120 liters/hour. We are pretty sure we can make the whole thing for less than 200€. DONE!
PHASE 2 (Design, materials, lots of coffee) System design, material preparation like carbon filters, casing, pumps, theoretical documentation (power needs, water flow, weight, bill of materials and estimated cost). The deliverable will be a theoretical design based on previous and new practical experimentation. DONE! DOCUMENTATION HERE: (http://looploop.me/articles/06waterzilla/waterzillafinale.pdf)
PHASE 3 (Travel expenses and final prototypes) We want to organize a "Hackerthon" in Berlin bringing together Jason, Mauricio, Leonie, Laurin, Jochen and Joscha + 2-4 other experts. We have also talked to Greg from the Green FabLab to join the project and develop the smart brain of the Waterzilla, he's experience with the EarthShip will be super useful.

PHASE 4 We will in the meantime search for funding for larger systems from other foundations.There is already an opportunity to apply to a German foundation thru Open State to develop systems for Summer festivals and refugee camps. The POC21 community will also help fund future buckets that will be published here for modular functionality like wireless communication, energy monitor, automation, etc.
PHASE 5 Propose an Open Source Business Model, maybe a Co-op made of creators and contributors (co-makers from the POC21 community), with a manufacturing partnership for large scale production (1000's of units) so that the whole project is an example of self sustainability (environmentally, collaboratively and financially) that can scale up commercially while we focus on research and community building.
WHEN? We already started the theoretical design of the system. We will finish the theoretical part and prepare the materials during January/February and we will meet to work on the final prototype during 3-5 days in Februrary/March/April in Berlin. During the "Hackerthon" we want to finish one working prototype of the Solar powered Water purificator and having the plans and feature lists for other versions done and nicely presented. Beside this we also want to use this get together so solve some small problems/issues of each single project.


What we need for now besides the cobudget bucket: Let's do this together. People with graphic and/or web design skills, animation, modelling, communication superpowers and electrical, prototyping abilities to join us to boost the profile, collaboration and planning of the project for the next month before we go out and build it.




  • Project Documentation
    This is the current project documentation that was done by Jason after the visit in Barcelona and the Green FabLab, it lists all the parts and materials, tools and components and the diagram of how ...

  • UN Humanitarian Summit prototype
    We finished putting together all the components to show this prototype at the UN World Humanitarian Summit together with the Faircap prototypes. It will be interesting to see the reaction from the a...

  • Fitting the components together
    With the $500 we received from the POC21 Patreon supporters we purchased a lot of components, solar panel, charge controllers, voltage regulators, battery capacity displays, a couple of pumps, LiOn ...


Friday 15-01-2016

Goal: Set up the basic details, structure, planning of the Solar thingy project. Determine tasks and people responsible.     Communication: For now Jason, Josha, Vivi and Mauricio. Vivi ...

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