Solar energy is in the brink of creating a large-scale green energy revolution. Developed over the last 40 years, it was only until recently too costly to deploy. However this is changing, and it's changing very fast. Large scale solar panel manufacturing has helped solar panel prices to decrease to a point where today solar energy is in many parts of the world more competitive than fossil fuel power plants. This trend will only keep going in the future, since solar energy depends on R&D (new solar cells, cell efficiency, lighter materials, automated factories using robots). These key factors differ greatly compared to coal, gas and oil based energy production which depends on limited, finite resources. Solar energy's potential is in comparison almost limitless.

The $1 Solar Panel
We envision to produce a $1 small solar panel that can be easily combined and clicked together with more cells, a type of solar Lego system, that you can assemble together to increase the voltage and the current as your power needs increase and as your budget allows it, specially in places where there is no grid and in low income countries. Using two panels one can already power up a phone and an LED light. Combining it with more small panels you can power up a radio, charge a power bank and more LED lights. By combining larger panels you will be able to power up a TV or laptop and more lights in a school or local health center. All this at a cost of less than $1 per watt.

With SolarClick we want to make solar power accessible to everyone, by making it affordable, easy to install, easy to use and scalable (both in terms of capacity and budget).

There are about 1.2 billion people without access to electricity around the world. Furthermore most people without financial resources end up using highly polluting sources of energy like kerosene lamps to light up their house at night. Kerosene can be also more expensive than solar, so it's no wonder that in Africa hundreds of thousands of small solar kits and small grid solar systems have been deployed in the last five years.

DIY Energy Revolution
Right now you can make a DIY system for charging your phone and LED lights for less than $10 (about $3-4 for each small panel), so by continuing the trend of solar prices decreases and large scale production of an easy to use and ready to install system, our vision will be a reality.

We want to contribute to this energy revolution on a small scale, starting with the tiniest form factor, small 2-5 Watt solar panels that can be joined together with the help of fast and easy connections made out of strong Neodynium magnets. 


Join the project if you would like to learn about solar energy and you can contribute either with your skills or funding. Specially we need product designers and engineers to improve the current prototype. The panels we have made so far work and can provide 6V to 18V direct current to charge different electronic products like phones, LED lights, radios and TVs. We would like to create a whole family of products (accessories, connectors, etc.) to spread the project to many countries.



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