The FairCap Project

by mauricio in Design

Barcelona, Spain

Over 1.5 million people die every year from drinking contaminated water. Imagine if you could get a portable tiny water filter that could be screwed into any plastic bottle which would allow you to safely drink any available water, from a stream, from a lake, from a water pond? Imagine what it would mean for a poor family in Africa to be able to get this filter for just $1?

We already have a working prototype and we would like to launch this collaborative funding to prove that open projects can solve important problems in the world!


The FairCap project is an open initiative, please share this with your friends and join us! You can contribute to the project financially by pre-ordering one of the final prototypes, donating to the project, donating Faircaps to NGOs and by volunteering your time and skills to make this happen!

Right now we are in the process of ordering the manufacturing of the filters from third parties, this will allow the project to become a reality without the need of large funding.

We need around 5,000 to 10,000 euros to fund the first production run, we believe we can all together fund this amount and keep the project moving forward. The initial cost of the filters will be between 5 and 15 euros, but with your help we hope to drop the cost of the most basic filters close to 1 euro during the next year . We have changed the end date of this project from April 2016 to October 2016, we hope to deliver the first Faircaps by then. DEADLINE UPDATE: APRIL 2018 after much work on the redesign to optimize costs and finding the right lab to make the membranes, we have received the first final products. We will conduct testing and start shipping to all our supporters by July 2018. All the funds are on our Paypal account and can be refunded if you wish to due to this delay, they will only be spent once we finalize the production details. We take your contributions very seriously and thank you for your continuing support.





  • Started working at the Fablab Barcelona
    As part of the FabCity research program we started working at the FabLab Barcelona. It's great to be working in a place that is full of tools, students, design and innovation. Its a fast paced and i...

  • International Design Center Decathlon
    We visited the Internation Design Center of Quechua, one of the brands from one of the largest sports retailers in the world. Quechua designs products specially for outdoor sports, trekking, camping...

  • ENSCI Design School in Paris
    We have been working togther with Guillian Graves from the reknowed design school in Paris ENSCI for the Faircap Mini design to fit into bottles. It's great to work together with friends we met at P...

  • New Designs
    We have been working with Greg Durrens who is doing the Fab Academy course at the Green FabLab in Barcelona on a design to connect filters to both bottles and also to a hose system, to use the filte...

  • Small tribute to my dad and his workshop back at home in A...
    Small tribute to my dad and his workshop, my dad is really a maker, he knows so much about everything technical without having studied in university, he invented his own machines and chemical formul...

  • Solar Portable Water Backpack
    We are joining efforts with the Sunzilla and Showerloop teams from POC21 to prototype a backpack that will carry a solar panel, a battery, a UV light and a water pump that will be able to filter dri...

  • Video shooting for Barcelona´s City Hall Fablab program
    Today we were in a video shooting organized by the City Hall of Barcelona to showcase social innovation projects that have been using the Ateneu de Fabricacio network of local municipal FabLabs. We ...

  • Public release of the POC21 Documentary
    You can now watch the POC21 documentary where Faircap participated. We are so thankful to the more than 300 people who took part of this event, thanks to POC21 the project became a reality by having...

  • POC21 Exhibition in Paris!
    Today we close the POC21 Exhibition at le Centquatre gallery in Paris. Thanks to everyone from POC who made this possible and helped Faircap get this far! Thanks to the Discovery Channel for the int...

  • The FairCap Nano
    This is the latest working prototype of the FairCap Nano, it will be the smallest, simplest model that can filter out bacteria, protozoa, cysts and sediments for emergency relief efforts. It screws ...

  • WIRED Germany Green Issue
    We appeared in the Nov 2015 Green Issue of WIRED Magazine Germany with a very long and cool article in their online version. Thanks to WIRED for this interview!

  • FairCap on French TV
    During a press day at the Millemont castle we were interviewed by French TV for Le Monde, it was a great opportunity to show the project to more people... and drink lots of dirty water by doing so!

  • Collaborative Design during POC21
    This is the latest design we collaboratively worked on together with Michael Audry from Autodesk based on the sketches from Janes Zabukovek

  • Porous and Antibacterial Filaments
    During the last 2 weeks of POC21's innovation camp we found 2 new 3D printing filaments, one porous to print membranes(Layfelt) and one that has probably a silver compound additive that kills bacter...

  • Working prototypes
    We've got the working prototypes ready to try them. So far they have performed very well. We used the dirty water form the pond of Millemont´s chateau during the POC21 innovation camp to try them a...

  • Faircap at the OSCE Days Barcelona
    We organized an open workshop about water filtration during the Open Source Economy Days in Barcelona. It helped us to prepare a simple way to explain anyone how the FairCap filter works, based on D...

  • DIY Activated Carbon
    As a way to make a 100% open water filter, we researched techniques that could help people anywhere in the world to make a filter using charcoal from a fire and table salt. Thanks to Santa Clara Uni...

  • First 3d Printed Prototypes
    We have the first 3d printed prototypes ready! Thanks to the city of Barcelona's Fablab network we worked with the Ateneu de Fabricacio.Special thanks to Laura Sardi, Adria Colominas and Alfons Miá...

  • Successful Testing at the Hospital
    We tested the working prototypes under the microscope and with bacterial cultivation at the Hospital de Sant Pere de Ribes in Barcelona. The results were encouraging, removing 100% of bacteria and p...

  • First Concept
    This is back in November 2014, when we returned from a trip to the Amazon rainforest that we started researching a simple concept, a water filter that could be screwed directly into any water bott...


Monday 07-12-2015

Join us at Le Centquatre cultural center in Paris. We will be exhibiting all 12 POC21 projects, we'll be open for questions and meeting anybody who would like to know more or would like to support

  • mauricio - 10-01-2016

    Transparent design

    We wanted to openly ask the community what everyone thought of designing the final FairCaps with a transparent material so that everyone would be able to know what's inside the filter and how it works. We think this would be original since other filters in the market are closed "black boxes" and it's impossible to know what's inside. Any comments?

  • ursula - 08-09-2016

    No puedo sumarme con una aportación...

    ¡Hola! Estoy intentando sumarme al proyecto con una aportación, pero me es imposible... Me he registrado, he dado a 'Join this project', he elegido el tipo de aportación que quiero hacer en el menú desplegable, y después doy a 'support'... pero no pasa nada!! solo vuelve a aparecer la misma ventana una y otra vez... ¿Cómo puedo hacerlo? ¡Gracias!

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